Custom ADA Signs

We know the rules for ADA signage and we take pride in providing our customers with compliant ADA signage, but “compliant” does not mean “boring” or the same as everyone else’s signs. Let us show you how we can make your color scheme, logo and other creative elements into attractive, compliant signage that is unique to your business.

Custom ADA Lenses

Becker Signs is an authorized dealer for Vista Sign Systems as well as numerous other manufacturers of sign frames and systems. We create custom ADA compliant lenses for such products for both retail and wholesale customers. Ask us!

Custom Awards

Looking for a truly one-of-a- kind corporate award? Brainstorm with us! We’ll come up with an award to remember for your special honorees.

Custom Plaques

We are happy to engrave traditional plaques in a wide range of sizes, colors and finishes to fit your needs as well as your budget. However, if you need something special added to a traditional plaque, ask us! We love a challenge.


Our lasers cannot engrave into metal, however, we can use the laser to permanently attach lettering and logos to metal using the revolutionary TherMark process. For you science buffs, here’s how it works. CLICK HERE

Awards & Personalized Gifts

Laser Engraved Personalized Awards and Gifts. Browse the latest catalogs of awards, gifts and promotional items we can customize for you. Click here to view