Ground/Monument Signs

Peachtree Foamcraft Monuments

Becker Signs is an authorized distributor of Peactree Foamcraft sign products. CLICK HERE to learn more about these extremely durable, maintenance-free signs.


Fabricated from aluminum extrusions Illuminated and non-illuminated Flat or pan faces, solid metal faces with cut-out or added lettering / graphics, push-through letters or other option

Blasted / Carved Signs

Most often created from HDU (High Density Urethane), Extira® (Exterior grade composition board), redwood, cedar or stone Require a mounting structure such as a base, pedestal, monument, posts


May be wood, metal, ACM (aluminum-faced plastic core materials), PVC, acrylic and other plastics Typically decorated with adhesive vinyl lettering, laminated digital prints, dimensional lettering or a combination of these
Require a mounting structure such as posts, a pedestal, block/stone/brick structure, etc.